Monday, July 21, 2014

Pantry Door Whimsy

Back in 2009, I painted my kitchen cabinets. 
They went from oak to white.

 I have a pantry that's just off the kitchen.
For some unknown reason, 
I never painted the doors to the pantry 
when I painted all those kitchen cabinets in 2009.

I guess I was thinking the pantry is not actually in the kitchen, 
so I could leave them alone.

 It only took 5 years for me to realize those pantry
doors would look better in white!!! lol
 I wish I had a before picture. 
 Why didn't I take a before picture?

Here are the doors, after I finished painting them:

In this narrow hallway,
the kitchen entry is to the left, 
a window to the right.

I bought new curtains for the window.
Having always admired these from Country Curtains
for their cottage appeal, 
I decided it was high time I bought them:

I love those wide ruffles!

Now the trouble was, 
because there is always trouble when I do something,
there seemed to be a lot of white in this hallway now, 
with most of it concentrated in this one area.

So, I decided to add just a little something to the doors to
break up some of that white. Something different.

A little whimsy.... the form of  vinyl decals, purchased on Etsy,
(This was the same shop where I purchased my stair decals.)

It's funny how just by adding a little detail
like this, is enough to change
the look, break up all the white, and make me happy.

When I come in my back door, 
I now see this as I enter the kitchen.  
Simple though it may be,
the little birdies make me smile every time.

A lovely week to all of you!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Lighter, It's a Wonderful Thing!

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, 
but I never could sit down long enough to do it.
Well, that and the fact I was afraid I'd hex myself.

Can I just say that lighter is a wonderful thing?

I know you're asking, 
"What exactly does Gina mean by lighter?"

Well for starters, here is heavier:

Yeah, Heavier, with a capital "H."

Believe me, I was never one to have my picture taken.
Being Heavier (capital H),  I  ran from the camera.
That picture was taken on Christmas Day 2013.

Now I will share lighter.
7 months later...taken this past weekend.
(Sorry, I don't have the selfie in the mirror thing down, so 
you'll just have to bear with me.)

44 pounds lighter! 

 We used the old Weight Watcher system and did it
with a "let's try & just see what happens-no pressure" attitude.  
I think that helped, along with the fact that 
my husband came along for the ride, and my kids too.  
I didn't put the kids on the diet,
 but they endured my lighter, healthier cooking 
with rarely a complaint.
(Funny thing:  looking at that before picture and looking
& my daughter today, she too, looks thinner to me now.)

In case you are wondering, I highly recommend 
this website, Skinny Taste,
if you are looking for healthy & tasty recipes.
I've made many, many, many of her recipes
and I've been pleased with 98% of all I've tried.

Now, there has been shopping, lots of shopping!
My entire Summer wardrobe was too big.
Not that I'm complaining, but wow, it's hard building up a 
wardrobe from scratch, especially when you 
have to have something to wear to work everyday. 

Here's some of the old Summer wardrobe, stacked up
getting ready to be donated:

Lots of empty hangers:

Summers are short here.   When it's time to try on my
Fall/Winter wardrobe, I'll probably have triple the amount of
clothes to get rid of.  Eek!  

A lot of good has come from this weight loss...
besides all the shopping and being able to buy clothes 
anywhere & everywhere now.
I take the stairs everyday at work and I no
longer have to gasp for air when I reach the 3rd floor.
My cholesterol was borderline & it dropped 72 points.
I try to go for a walk regularly and I just plain feel better.

I don't want to give the impression that I am
the perfect dieter and have been for the past 7 months.
There are always days, or even weekends,
where I've been to parties or out to dinner,
and I've eaten more than I should have.
What is very different with me this time around though,
is the fact that I can tell myself, 
"it's ok, just begin again tomorrow."  
Whenever I'd dieted in the past and
had a bad eating day, I would get angry
with myself & give it all up for lost.
Not this time!

People are always asking me what my goal is.
I never set a goal when I started this.  
Remember I was just doing this with that 
"let's try & just see what happens-no pressure" attitude.
It worked & I'm very grateful.  
I do realize I have more weight to lose.
 I'm still heavy, just with a small h this time.  :)

I know I was not meant to be a size 2 and I'm fine with that.

Lighter is good,
lighter is a wonderful thing!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Patriotic Mantel (4th of July)

My goodness, where is the time going? 
It's hard to believe that June is almost over! 

We're still running around with baseball, 
 but look forward to enjoying Summer 
and the beautiful weather we're having.

I thought with the 4th on its way,
it might be time to show some
patriotic spirit with a 
4th of July mantel!

This mantel came together quickly 
and with everything that I already had on hand.

Do you remember I used this sign last year on
I made it out of the left over slats from my mom's window blinds.

What is it about red, white & blue that I love so much?

I hope you have a happy week
a wonderful 4th of July!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teen Girl Bedroom Reveal

 I was going to share my daughter's bedroom redo with you late last year.  
Being the bad blogger that I am, I never shared it.
 One day, I got a bee in my bonnet.
I realized my kids were getting too old,
and in my son's case...too big & tall, for their twin beds.

Wouldn't it be nice to buy the kids bigger beds?
They'd be so much more comfortable.
It'd be nice to have the extra room.
(I think those were the phrases I used to convince my husband.)

Well, one thing lead to another & before I knew it,
both kids had a complete bedroom overhaul,
just because bigger beds were in order.

Fair warning:  
You will not see a room that is devoid of real life. 
 Magazine-ready kid bedrooms are unreal & unnatural.
Kids have stuff, and stuff has to go somewhere.
It can't always be hidden behind closed doors.
It took me years to understand this.  

Phew...glad I got that off my chest!

Olivia loves books and she loves New York City
(among many other things).
Her room came together from those loves.

Bear in mind, this kid loves her stuff and doesn't
want to part with any of it.

Gray, white & yellow became the chosen color palette
when we found this pretty quilt at TJ Maxx.

NYC pillow from this shop at Etsy.

I shared my DIY lamp shade for Mr. Pig here.
NY Public Library art found on the streets of NYC.
(a no brainer for this room!)

Our Lady Liberty and a favorite book of New York.

You can't talk NYC without some subway art!

Here are her shelves...
loaded with books & other stuff.
The shelves were here when we bought the house
and they are the sole reason why Olivia selected
this smaller room as her bedroom.
For her,
shelves = books; books = happiness.

More things she loves.

Celebrities, etc.

Sherlock Holmes ala Benedict Cumberbatch!
Found here on Etsy

The music box from The Phantom of the Opera.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Olivia's room.

See you soon!

P.S.  I've been thinking about adding an area rug. 
Any thoughts on that?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Hutch Decor

I find it very awkward to begin and end blog posts.
I feel like I say the same thing every single time.

Do you have that problem, too?

I mean after all these years of blogging, 
what can I really say that's different 
and not been said before?

I think I'll have to ponder that question
and see what I come up with.


I would love to share my dining room hutch with you,
since she's all decorated for Summer and 
ready for her closeup.

Ahh, the easy & carefree days of Summer!

The only thing new here is the folding ruler star.

As a kid, I can remember pinching my fingers with
 my dad's folding ruler whenever I fooled with it.
Now, I couldn't wait to get my fingers on a folding ruler
 so I could make it into a star.
I didn't even mind if my fingers got pinched in the process!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a fascination with stars.

A closeup collage.

Here's a breakdown of all the stuff I used:

Sailboat from Michaels.
Lantern from Ikea.
The burlap flower picture is from Hobby Lobby.
It was a yellow flower when I bought it, but
with my trusty paintbrush, I made it blue.  Heehee!
Bicycle from Kohls.
Candle holder from Target.
Bathing girl from Michaels.
Ruler from Etsy.
Starfish from Christmas Tree Shop.
I made the banner with fabric/burlap scraps I had on hand.

And that, my friends, is my Summer dining room hutch!

As always, I appreciate your visit.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Mantel 2014

Hello, hello dear friends!

I feel like my motto should be,
"So much to do, so little time."

We are looking at maybe another week or two of total
craziness and then, with any luck,
I can finally put some of these grandiose ideas/projects
that I've been dreaming up into action.

Why is it that I am always full of ideas when
I don't have the time to try any of them?

Anyway, enough of the complaining,
let's take a look at the summer mantel.

My plan was light, bright & simple.  
Aqua, lime green & white.

I had everything you see here except for the
spools of green baker's twine.
I found them at Hobby Lobby...they're so cute!

I bought this wooden window thing a few years back while
we were on vacation in the Lake George area.  
 I have no idea what its former life was,
but someone was smart enough to repurpose it with these burlap
pockets.  It was filled with red geraniums when I bought it
 and it was love at first sight!

A little something for interest at the bottom of the fireplace.

Light, bright & simple....
Happy Summer!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reality -vs- Fantasy

In my reality, 

I look at blogs...or decorating magazines...or Pinterest
and I come across an image that makes me happy.
It's usually some space that looks like perfection to me. 
Every piece in the space appears to be carefully selected
just to make me swoon. 
The space always has such style and flair and
 there is often some great handbag,
or even better, a pair of perfect shoes, 
styled into the room to grab my attention.

 Kind of like this:

Do you see those well placed shoes on the right hand side? 

In  my fantasy, 

I wonder how it would feel to have a room in my home
look perfectly put together like that.
I wonder how it would feel to walk into a room and sigh
with contentment, seeing those shoes thrown off to the side,
luring me in.  

Well my friends, 
I am here to say,
 my fantasy has become my reality!

I walked into my sitting room and chanced upon this image:


 Something tells me my son's LeBron James sneakers are not going 
to help me achieve that image of perfection, no matter how
well placed they may appear! 

I really hate it when the lines of reality & fantasy get blurred.  :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friends!

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