Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now I know how an addict feels....

Silly as it may seem, I really feel as though I know how an addict feels when they are going through rehab. Ok, I'm not experiencing tremors or sweating or anything like that, but I am in serious withdrawal without my computer!!!! It really is amazing to me how I have come to rely on something so much...especially when I didn't even own such an item until 8 years ago! You'd think I'd owned a computer my whole life! Just to roll with the whole addict thing....I have broken into my sister's house, right now, while everyone is working, just so I could use her computer!! (Well, actually, I called her at work before breaking and entering , what can I say? I'm a considerate felon! )

My mind is constantly filled with things that I wish I could and that I need to do:
...All the stuff I'm missing out on at the shack...the shack friends that I wish I was interacting with...the things I wish I could be selling on ebay right now...the information that I want to look up...the vacation I wish we could book right now...the pictures I wish I could download from my digital camera...the journaling that I wish I could type & print for my scrapbook layouts...the scrapbook shopping I wish I could do....the DT LOs that I wish I could scan before the end of the month...all of this is seriously stressing me out! I'm about ready to kidnap my nephew, tie him to a chair & make him fix my computer already!!

Soooo, if you don't hear from me again soon, start looking for my face on America's Most Wanted!!!

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