Thursday, March 9, 2006

Glucose test...yuck-o

Why does it sometimes seem as though my doctor will not be happy unless she finds something wrong with me? She sent me for a glucose test to check for diabetes. I have been putting this off & putting it off. Today I decided to go to the lab. They drew blood and then made me drink that horribly sweet orange drink. I had to hang around for an hour so they could draw blood again, then another hour so they could draw more blood. I haven't felt well ever since that drink! Ugh! top it all off, she ordered 2 tests and they can't do them on the same day, so I have to go back tomorrow! At least with tomorrow's test, they draw, then I can leave and return 2 hours later for more drawing. I swear if I never had to see a doctor or have a test again in my life, I'd be fine!!!

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