Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A summer favorite

Janie's blog challenge for today at SSS was to post a favorite summer photo and journal about it. Easy enough, I thought to myself. However, once I realized just how many summer photos I have that I would consider favorites, suddenly that "easy enough" was no longer...well...easy enough. So, I decided to post this one from back in August 2003. I love this photo of dd & ds. It may not be the most PC (photographically correct) photo out there, but I do love it just the same. Dd was 5 years old at the time, ds was not quite 2. Seeing her spray him with the hose while he's fully clothed just epitomizes the fun & innocence of summer! There were (and still are) so many good times had in our backyard--you know, simple, seemingly insignificant times, ones that I hope to remember even when I'm a ripe old age.
I just have to say: funny how I can be so sentimental about a photo 4 years later, when at the time, I'm sure I wanted to scream because she soaked him & now I had to take him back into the house to change his clothes. It really is funny how time turns everything around and makes the unpleasantness of a moment vanish and only the fondness remain.

Have a good week...we are leaving for vacation to Maine tomorrow. Yahoo!

1 comment:

Janie said...

LOL.. that picture is so darn cute Gigi!! I love it!

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