Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy weekend

It has been such a busy weekend around here!
On Thursday, dh finally got some long overdue brass:

He was promoted to Sergeant on Thursday. We are all so proud of him! It was well deserved and like I said, so long overdue. (That pic is so blurry (as were many taken that day) but let's not even go there! Also, I'm sure he's going to be thrilled I shared this pic with the world considering he hates that hat!)
Well with Thursday night being his PBA golf league and his having a retirement party to go to in Rochester on Friday night, I was finally able to throw him a surprise party to celebrate his promotion last night. I made sure to have all his favorite foods catered by his favorite local restaurants and it really was a surprise. I thought we'd never be able to surprise him.
Then this morning, we hosted a breakfast in honor of the Boilermaker road race.
I just finished cleaning the house and I have to admit, I'm beat. I'm going to sit down and do absolutely nothing for a little while. That is, until I have to go to the grocery store!


Melonie said...

HUGE congrats to your Husband and LOVE the new car! Glad you are having a good week.

JenCoen said...

OMGosh!!! Big Congratulations to you both!! Yay!!

shelley said...

congrats to the hubs! THAT is a HUGE accomplishment! and look at you - lil martha stewart!!! such the hostess!!!

i found these on Etsy and immediately thought of you...

have fun!

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