Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainbow Sherbet Etsy

My last post was lazy & colorless, so I decided it was time to make this one a bit more lively & colorful. (Even though the sky is still colorless outside this morning & I've just returned from the dentist & am fully anticipating pain once the novocaine wears off.)

Aren't the colors of rainbow sherbet so pretty, summery & well, luscious looking? I turned to all this loveliness on Etsy to get my rainbow sherbet fill.

Isn't this bag pretty? Coffeeclouds

How's this for rainbow sherbet kicked up a notch? Ara133photography

How about something to represent the lime of the rainbow sherbet? MoonParade

A little orange sherbet for the neck perhaps? LingGlass

Rainbow sherbet for fun? Why not, I'm a rainbow sherbet lovin' princess! The Sugared Ribbon

Rainbow sherbet as a patchwork runner? I love it! Ziti Zoo

Rainbow sherbet pillows? Yes please, one of each! Dahlush

I hope you are all having a very rainbow sherbet filled week!


JenCoen said...

lol. i just went window shopping at etsy! lol.

Debbie said...

Yummy, all good enough to eat!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Love these bright colors!! Cute blog you have. Following and will be back! :-)

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