Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Chalkboard, I think

I've been giving my home the Spring/Easter treatment. 
Thinking positively, thinking that maybe it'll help bring Spring along. 

You know what?

It worked! 

for a couple of days anyway. 

Yesterday was the best day of all.
Yesterday, the temperature was 49 degrees and
 the sun shining brightly.
Yesterday, the snow was melting.
Yesterday was perfect.

Yesterday, the weather complimented my
dining room chalkboard and
all was right in the world.

As for today,
I'd rather not talk about that.

Winter storm be damned!


Barbara F. said...

I hear ya, sister! Same here, we went to 66 yesterday and low 50's today, but cloudy and very weird sky. Storm coming in tonight! xo

Gail said...

I love your Spring chalkboard Gina! The weather here has been gorgeous too and now a cold front is moving in...go figure!! Enjoy your evening, Gail

Diane said...

Sorry, my young friend!! Spring is on the way, I promise. However, it will be 43 degrees in Georgia tonight - pretty chilly for us!!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Love your Spring chalkboard Gina! Yes...yesterday was a tease!!

Shug said...

Spring where are you! It was 80 here yesterday and it's been in the 50's all day today. I'm so ready!
Great looking "Spring" chalkboard...beautiful project..

Art @ Home said...

Your chalkboard looks great, and spring will be here next week (according to the calendar, anyway….)

Stay warm, Sweetie!


Blondie's Journal said...

I love this! We need all the good thoughts we can get. Look forward, not back!


Jann Olson said...

Sounds like the perfect day Gina. Too bad it can change so quickly. Gorgeous here today and I was too sick to get out and enjoy. Darn!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Can you believe the winter we are STILL experiencing? Awful. Love your chalkboard, Gina. xo Diana

White Weathered Hutch said...

When we finally get some warm weather and the snow starts melting....old man winter strikes again. minus 25 cel. here.

Dee Lapin said...

I love your chalkboard Gina! Two days of warm weather was nice. Now it's only going to be in the 20's today.

My Forever Changing Home said...

Very pretty Gina. I just erased the Valentine's message from mine. A little behind. It has been an unusual winter. Hopefully it's about over.

Dawna Motz said...

I am enjoying some white tulips in one of my white jugs....awww spring will soon be here my friend! Just so you know the tulips were purchased from good ole Costco!

Melinda said...

One day it will be here.
We are supposed to be near
70 tomorrow then on Sunday
back down in the cold!

M : )

Danielle Giannandrea said...

Love your Spring chalkboard! The power of positive thinking is working!!! : )

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