Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cheerful Cherry Kitchen (Summer Fresh)

This Summer, I wanted to add a little fun to my kitchen.
I thought I would begin by trying to make curtains.

When I got to the fabric store, I struggled to find a fabric that I liked.
Then I spotted the cherries and thought, 
why not?

There was just something about them...
so fresh, so fun, so full of Summer...
so I went for it.

The simple curtains I made led me to switch out our
 cobalt blue pendant light to a bright cherry red one.
I love it!

As I continue this "one thing leads to another" saga,
I decided to pull out some cherry dishes 
and put together a counter top vignette.

My cabinets with the glass doors got a lot more red added to them.
(I had to open the doors in order to get a picture without the glare.)

The wall art below was already hanging in the kitchen, 
so no need to change it.

And that is how I gave my kitchen a cheerful cherry Summer fresh look.
(now there's a mouthful!)  



Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love it! The cherries and the red are so cheery and a bit retro! Fabulous!

Stacey said...

Can I come over?! I absolutely love all of the red. :)

Barbara F. said...

Love it! Cheery , fresh, happy and so welcoming.

Melinda said...

Love it!

Looks so fresh.

M :)

Shelia said...

I just love it! The cherry fabric is darling and you did a great job on the curtains. Love all of that red!
Pat your tiny self on the back.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are such fun, Gina. What a splash of awesomeness. Good job on the curtains!!!

sweet violets said...

Nice job on the curtains!!! Love it all esp. the red!!!

ImSoVintage Laura Walker said...

Love all of the cherries. Perfect for summer and you did a great job on the curtains. xo Laura

kitty said...

Ooh Gina, how cheerful your cherry themed kitchen is!! It reminds me of the happiness of Mary Engelbreit. It would even be fun to dishes in your kitchen. Maybe your kids will buy that?

Debbie said...

I love this! The shot of that fabulous cabinet all full of red and white is my favorite shot. It's all so happy looking.

Maria Elena said...

It is absolutely beautiful! Love, love the fabric and all the red touches. So pretty!

Teresa said...

Happy look indeed.
I tend to tire red but then I'm always more comfortable around blues and grays. Even for clothes.
But it was fun to go through your pictures and witness your enjoyment with the new creations. Put a smile on my face. Mission Accomplished - everyone will want to smile when entering the kitchen. Your Home is so lovely.
Thank you for sharing,

Teresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerin said...

Well Gina, it turned out darling!!
I don't know why, but red is such a happy color and infuses everything with cheer!

I never can get away from using a dash of red {not that I'd want to...*haha***} and I'm most likely adding some red to the kitchen curtains that I recently made.

Love the way you did up your china cupboard... cute, cute, cute!!

Have a blessed day, my friend.


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

I love them Gina!! Yes cherries say have such cheery kitchen!

Leslie said...

Love it!!! Your whole house is cheery!! : )

chateau chic said...

Oh, I really like all the fun cherry red you added to your kitchen! I have a friend whose name is Cherrie...needless to say, she has Lots of very cute items with cherries in her decor.
Mary Alice

Jann Olson said...

Oh Gina, you know how much I love cherries! The curtains are darling and the red light is so darn cute! Love all of your beautiful reds! I have those same plates in my basement kitchen. Such a cute and cheery kitchen!

Ana said...

I love fun and cheery. Cheery cherries are very summery. Great job on the curtains Gina.


Debbiedoos said...

Those could not be an stinkin cute Gina! LOVE them. How adorable. Today is the boys first day back at school..sigh!

Donna Sinclair said...

You always amaze me how you are able to gather up all the "parts" to complete the whole. FAbulous.

Danielle Giannandrea said...

Hi Gina, I was just looking at your blog and realized that somehow I missed this post! I love the cherry theme! My mom does a little decorating with cherries in her kitchen as well and I love it. She even game me a plate that you have. It's the rectangular one with the handles. I have it on my island! Cherries are so cheery and I love the red and white contrast! It's so retro and wonderful!

Carol said...

Definitely has kind of retro feel but with more warmth than all retro gives. It really does look very cheerful and welcoming -- happy and friendly!

Jaybird said...

Oh, this is my FAVorite!!! I love red, and your kitchen is absolutely adorable!!
I linked to your blog from Maria Elena's blog, so I am having a ball reading "backward"! Your home is wonderful!!
Thank you so much for my wonderful visit :^)

Just Me Laura said...

I made curtains for my kitchen with that exact same fabric 6 years ago!! :) I love cherries. My kitchen is red also. I came across this post because I want to hang up a cherries wall hanging above my fridge.

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